Oud and Modal music Masterclasses

I’ve been working on music in a “global” sense for 20 years, but I’ve always asked myself the question: why does music affect us so much ?!
Then gradually, I found myself leaning on ancient Egyptian music and baroque music in parallel. These works touch me more than any other music.
Analyzing the whole Eastern repertoire before 1934, the year of the Cairo Congress, my ears saw that the tone was not quite the same.
After a few years of analysis, I noted a musical scale which does not correspond to what I took at the Cairo Conservatory. It was by talking with artists and specialists in Baroque music that I was able to confirm this scale of lost notes and in which lies all the beauty of music that touches our soul and heart.
I developed a method, with the notes and their harmony on the Oud and a selection of certain works, this method will allow everyone to hear and sing the scale of non-temperate music and music based on modes. , each mode of which has its impact on our feelings.
The particularity of this scale is the following notes:
The Big Tone, The Temperate Tone and the Little Tone
The Large 1 / 2Ton, The Temperate 1 / 2Ton and the Small 1 / 2Ton
The Large 3 / 4b in tone and the Small 3 / 4b in tone
The Large 1/4 of tone and the Small 1/4 of tone
This adds to our ear a richness of sound that has remained theoretical until then.
This work remains a unique work in Europe and in the world.
Research on these scales and on this music remains very sparse, it is taught only in Lebanon (Antonine University in Lebanon). There is also a research subject at the Regional Center for Traditional Music in Limousin, but not complete.
Through this work, I hope to transmit and make everyone feel the magic and love of the music that I have carried within me all my life.