« Is there a place where men and music resound together ? Surely ! In Ihab Radwan’s music. It opens up the world, it links together human beings and the physics of sound. The notes hit you in the plexus, the quarter notes tear at your feelings, the silences move you. His music leads you deep within, it opens up new landscapes, other worlds, other interrogation marks. It flatters your ear, touches your heart, titillates your hearing and gnaws away at your spirituality. His music is loaded with the message of humanity and brotherhood. Sounds bring equality.
This passionate globe trotter produces just the right notes to serve his world vision, that of his native culture and of his travels. You are transported by Ihab Radwan’s music.
Ihab Radwan, the ever-curious traveler, is inspired by life, simple, violent or gentle, by his journeys and the various cultures he encountered. His music brings you sand and heat from Egypt, energy and wide open spaces from America and France, culture, history and flavours from the Balkans.
Ihab Radwan is a citizen of the world, with a profound and straightforward message, he chose music as a megaphone to humbly broadcast touches of humanity.
A definite Must ! »
France Inter – Lilian Alleaume